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Contrary to popular belief, the emphasis is not to manage your time but to prioritize your goals. Learn easily applicable and cost-effective techniques to organize your priorities. You will be able to have a clear vision of your tasks, understand and prioritize them so you can achieve your goals and stay on track throughout the day. Good organization reduces stress and increases your motivation thus avoiding delays and overloaded periods. Allowing you more leisure time or more responsibility since the work is done in less time.

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I want to increase my sales.
I want to introduce a new product.
I want to increase my employee base.
I want to be profitable.
I want to distinguish myself from my competitors.

How to achieve these goals?

The :D System conference guides and supports you while maximizing your performance by accomplishing your goals.

The approach is simple ... clarify the purpose with specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time-related objectives.

The speakers use humor, visual aids and good common sense, combined with the concepts and theories of the great masters of management and sales.

This conference is for entrepreneurs and managers who wish to acquire or improve their Salesketing (sales and marketing) and management knowledge in order to achieve their goals, thus leading to success.

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“A market study is an impartial and emotionless analysis, to avoid the risk of failing ...”
- Marie-Claude Dubuc

A Market study tests ideas and reduces risks and uncertainties: this is the best way to evaluate the sucess potential before investing time and money. It is a great source of information regarding the target market, the needs and expectations of future customers, the adequacy of the product or service offered. This data will allow you to set realistic sales targets. Following this conference you will be able to ensure that all key elements were considered before you decide to to go ahead or not with your project. You will also be able to communicate with your potential customers, according to their needs and expectations.

A market study gives you tons of information, allowing you to have a better idea of your market and its potential:

  • Based on the evaluation of your market, you will be able to assess your potential financial return.
  • How to distinguise yourself from the competition.
  • Define your marketing strategy and how to apply it on the field.

This conference explores
the three stages of a market study

1. Define your market... THE DEMANDE

businesswoman drawing graph in the air

2. Define THE OFFER

businesswoman drawing graphs in the air

3. Define the market’s ENVIRONMENT

businesswoman drawing financial signs

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Training course

retain-clientMaking the sale does not mean selling; rather it is helping clients achieve their goals. Do you need a "real" fresh approach that will help you deliver? With this training, we help sales managers and representatives to become trust worthy business advisors aiming to establish values and helping their clients succeed.

Competition in the market increases, while profit margins decline and customers become more demanding. The Offer, gain and retain training will help you maximize the potential of your existing customer base, increase your market share, overcome the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals and thus, develop the full potential of your business.

By applying the skills taught in the Offer, gain and retain training class, you can optimize your efforts to focus your energy effectively using proven sales techniques. This training helps develop the skills of sales representatives, regardless of their level, enabling them to take advantage of sales opportunities and aggressively meet their business objectives.

[ Offer ]

  • What is your MARKETING signature?
  • What is YOUR added value?
  • 6 marketing approaches
  • Analyze your competition
  • Communication, communication, communication!
  • Presentation

[ Gain ]


  • Increase your SALES market share
  • Target your market
  • Prospecting
  • Added-value sales and cross-selling
  • Closing What not to do!

[ Retain ]


  • Maximize the potential of your existing client base with great CUSTOMER SERVICE
  • Target your internal market (80/20)
  • Who are your ambassadors
  • Creating added value

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We do not manage time, but priorities!

You are overwhelmed by the number of tasks and commitments that are on your list? The key to face this situation lies in the effective management of your priorities.

Understanding, identifying and defining your short, medium and long-term goals is the first step to effective management.

By applying the techniques offered in this training, you will spend your time and energy on profitable tasks.

[ Objectives ]


  • Analyze problems that affect your use of time
  • The different areas of our lives that need balance
  • Set goals that reflect personal and professional benefits

[ Culture ]


  • Multi-tasking does not work!
  • Use concentration focused sessions (Applied focus)

[ Tools ]


  • Time effective tools for meetings
  • Implementing practical strategies to address these issues
  • Use selected time management principles to improve efficiency
  • Instructions for completing the “daily time record”
  • Microsoft Tips

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"The success of telephone sales approach” destined for your team.

Telephone exchanges are naturally much more challenging than in person. Approach and selling techniques are more difficult than during face to face exchanges. As a sales consultant, you want to be effective and efficient. You are aiming to use influence and persuasion techniques that openly help the customer to think carefully and make a decision based on both truthful information and respectful interrelation.

[ Objectives ]


  • Establishing objectives; specific, measurable, attainable, achievable and within a time frame
  • Planning to determine in advance the desired results
  • A plan with objectives should specify what should be done, how and when

[ Communication ]


  • Active listening
  • Communicator Style
  • Tone / Rhythm / Pronunciation
  • Behaviour and powerless words
  • Communicate in color
  • Detect the 3 common types of attitudes related to objections

[ Tools ]


  • C-SAP – Calling Solutions Amazingly Profitable™
  • What to do / What not to do
  • The P.L.T. tool (politeness, listening, tone)
  • The L.I.A. tool (lead, inform, ask)

[ Actions ]


  • Effective sales technique in 6 steps
  • Effective strategies for cross-selling
  • Understanding and overcoming objections and conditions from prospects
  • Listening and adequately responding to questions in order to obtain the "Yes"
  • The golden rules and approach techniques to closing a sale

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