Message to all
I highly recommend Marie-Claude Dubuc as a coach and teacher. I have been very fortunate to have her in both these roles at the “Start a business” course. Her dynamic high spirited personality and business smarts are contagious.

She is the person to meet for a business start-up, coaching and teaching on the same subject. Her explanations allow everyone to understand the intricacies of these subjects and Marie-Claude ensures the understanding of all her students.

In short, someone to have in your contacts!
Thanks again for everything.

Jean-François Meunier, IT Consultant at Forgestik Inc.

The coaching received by Lyne has greatly helped me and my business to evolve over the years. Her advice and guidance has been very relevant to my decision making.

Michèle Roy, Designer- seamstress-patronière

I had the IMMENSE pleasure of being trained at the “Start a business” class by Marie-Claude. Marie-Claude excels in Human Relations and knows how to transfer her knowledge! With herpositive attitude, and experience, Marie-Claude rapidly becomes an irreplaceable coach and ally. Passionate and dedicated, Marie-Claude openly discusses other people's projects just as if they were her own and is available at all times. I count myself very lucky that our paths crossed and continue to see this woman with a contagious “joie de vivre!”

Again thank you Marie-Claude!

Isabelle Lefebvre, crha, Director, Human Resources

I have used several times Lyne in the field of coaching. She is a dynamic person, and has amazing listening skills. Her methods are effective. Her words, her advice is direct. Her great expertise in sales brings me constantly back to her. Lyne has a very unique quality to surpass herself. Lyne thank you!

Marie-Christine Masseteau, Correcting texts in French