Services for small and medium-sized companies, and entrepreneurs

Encourage inc.’s mandate is to concretely contribute to the success of entrepreneurs by performing specific diagnosis and allowing them:

  • to work with tools and how-to approaches;
  • to identify and strategically position themselves in new markets;
  • to develop and implement an attainable and realistic sales strategy;
  • to ensure profitable growth and development;
  • to establish an unparalleled customer service policy to stand out from its competitors.


diagnostic360We perform a diagnostic on all your business activities to allow you to make decisions based on facts.

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Encourages offers support and services for a business succession plan.

The Encourage Succession planning will allow you to:


  • Have a 360 diagnostic of the current business context and issues
  • Receive detailed steps for your business succession plan
  • Identify the core skills and competencies that your successor will need
  • Ensure a knowledge transfer plan for the successor
  • Be prepared for the succession
  • Plan for the transfer of power
  • Review the business model
  • Gradually end operations implications by the transferor
  • Maintain jobs
  • Protect the legacy of the business
  • Ensure the sustainability of the company

identiteThe identity of your business is the foundation of a philosophy. It represents all of the specific elements that distinguish your company. It reflects your mission, vision and values that contribute to positionning yourself properly in your industry.

Two solutions are available:

  1. do it on your own; or
  2. call on experts to undertake your market study.

etudemarcheIf you choose the first option, know that it requires a lot of time and work.

Encourage develops and analyses the results of your market study so you can make the right decisions and invest in the right places.

Encourage offers two approaches:

  • Market Study Support, allowing you to take an active part in your market study, accompanied by experts in this field.
  • Turnkey Market Study: our team of experts carry out all stages of your market research.


  • Strategic positioning is all about, distinguishing your products and/or services in order to attrack your potential clients.
  • Encourage ensures that your positioning is realistic, cost-effective and sets you apart from your competitors.

Your identity:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values

Your products and services:

  • Characteristics
  • Advantages
  • Benefits
  • Your competitive advantage

Your industry analysis:

  • Target markets
  • Competitors
  • Trends

Your marketing plan:

  • Encourage’s mix marketing analysis, includes all necessary tools to create your marketing plan.

Your sales strategy:

  • Planning your sales strategy
  • Revenues projections


Your operations plan:

  • Managers’ tasks and responsibilities
  • Organizational chart
  • Recruitment plan
  • Equipment and material resources
  • Production capacity

Your financial plan:

  • Break-even point
  • Detailed analysis of your financial forecasts

“Selling is about being attentive to the customer’s needs, developing lasting relationships and offering appropriate solutions that fit the client’s requirements.”
- Lyne Pelchat

developpementOur team of experts elaborate a strategy based on your reality. First, we must determine what are the financial objectives, and, once the strategy is set, it will be important to determine if your company has the production capacity to support the success of your business plan (360 Corporate Diagnosis). Our approach ensures that you find customers in new markets, establish relationships with partners that will contribute to achieving your goal and increase current customer base, our development strategy will contribute to the growth of your business.

Sales development services are also available with Encourage. Our sales experts, put fourth their professionalism and experience to execute with accuracy the sales strategy. This allows you to avoid the cost of hiring sales staff during a market launch and / or customer loyalty action plan.

coaching-enOur business coaching is for executives, managers, entrepreneurs wishing to improve their interpersonal skills and know-how to achieve their individual goals and those of the organization. To maximize the effect of coaching Encourage offers an initial meeting to assess the business as well as its needs and to identify priorities requiring adjustements as well as the assets on which to bet.

Following our analysis, a concrete action plan is developed so that the company can benefit from the full potential of the skills and abilities of its key personnel in order to increase their productivity and profitablity.